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Welcome to Freedom from Pelvic I was first diagnosed with pelvic pain at the age of nineteen. This diagnosis was eventually changed to Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (C.P.P.S) , pudendal neuralgia and finally pudendal nerve entrapment.  

I finally recovered at the age of 34. During that time I tried everything – antibiotics, prostate injections, pelvic floor physical therapy, trigger point wands, endless stretching and yoga and finally pudendal nerve entrapment surgery, not once but three times. Nothing worked. 

My experience of pelvic pain and my desperate search for relief may sound extraordinary yet I know it is shared by millions of pelvic pain sufferers across the globe. 

There is hope, with commitment and training you can make a full recovery from pelvic pain. On this page, you can immediately begin a revolutionary approach to pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction by registering for DCT for pelvic pain & dysfunction. 

The Desperate Search for Relief 
When you have pelvic pain your muscles feel incredibly tight. Sufferers often go from treatment to treatment with little to no relief.

Do any of these sound familiar?  Pelvic Floor Physical therapy, Stretching/Yoga, Trigger Point treatment/Trigger Point wands, Myofascial release/Massage, Medication/Relaxation, Botox, Prostate injections, Corrective Exercise, Pudendal Nerve Entrapment surgery. 

The list goes on but nothing is working. 
If Pelvic Pain is caused by muscle tension then how do you treat muscle tension?

Dynamic Contraction Technique™ - From the NBA to Treating Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.
Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
This was a question I was obsessed with for 3 years. 

The mainstream view of pelvic pain is that muscle tension is a cause or component of pelvic pain. This is a view that I share. Where I differ from the mainstream view is in how this muscle tension is treated. 

My research into muscle tension led to me discovering a new approach to treating muscle tension created by physical therapist Nic Bartolotta. Nic had created a system called Dynamic Contraction Technique™ a specific form of resistance stretching. 

When I met Nic he was not treating pelvic pain. The main focus of his work was working with professional teams and players in the NBA (USA Professional Basketball). 

After meeting Nic I decided to train in Dynamic Contraction Technique™ and became a DCT practitioner. After I completed my training myself and Nic created the DCT course for pelvic pain and pelvic dysfunction available through this website. This course will be nothing like what you have tried before.

Dynamic Contraction Technique™ uses muscle contractions to treat muscle tension. It uses all three different types of muscle contraction – concentric, isometric and eccentric contractions to release the muscle tension in and around the pelvis. 

In the course we put forward the argument that the pelvic floor is not the primary problem in pelvic pain. The pelvic floor is reacting to tension in other areas of the body.  Treatments which focus soley on the pelvic floor routinely fail. With the DCT course you be working on muscles throughout your legs, hips , hip rotators, glutes, abdomen and back.

You are not the cause but you are the solution.
An introduction to Dynamic Contraction Technique™ for Pelvic Pain

Take Back Your Life
  • Learn why stretching is not working for you.  Stretching INCREASES muscle tension.
  • Learn how to effectively reduce and treat muscle tension throughout your body with DCT.  The pelvic floor is only reacting to tension elsewhere. The pelvic floor is of minor importance when it comes to effectively treating pelvic pain.
  • Receive step by step detailed instruction for Dynamic Contraction Technique™ exercises from physical therapist & creator of DCT Nic Bartolotta.
  • Be Fully Supported on your journey to recovery by joining the DCT for pelvic pain facebook group.  Communicate with David & Nic and connect with others following the course.  
7 day refund offer. If you are not satisfied with the course just contact us for a full refund within 7 days of purchase.

We know how sensitive this subject is for you and we take your privacy seriously. Payments are fully encrypted and your payment information is never seen or stored by anyone. No information about this course appears on your billing statement. 
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